Magnetic Biaxial Rotation

Nikken Magnetic Biaxial Rotation is literally revolutionary. It works in a way that no other magnetic product or device can, because it produces an active magnetic field using static magnets.

How is this possible? Magnetic Biaxial Rotation uses a revolving magnet, that also rotates on a second axis. The magnetic field constantly changes its angle, as much as 25 times per second. This shifts the direction of magnetic polarity at high speed, at all angles  ˜ producing a field that is dynamic rather than stationary.

This creates three-dimensional movement of the field. No other magnetic device can achieve this effect.

This biaxial principle has set the scientific world spinning. And it’s an example of the innovative technology that is available only from Nikken.

Magnetic Biaxial Rotation advantages:

  • Magnetic polarity that extends in all directions (360 degrees)
  • Dynamic magnetic field without the side effects produced by electromagnets

Nikken products with Magnetic Biaxial Rotation:

  • Biaxial PowerMag™