EQL Magnetic Technology

Every magnetized object produces a flow of energy between its two poles, positive and negative.  Invisible lines of energy known as flux lines exit a magnet from its negative pole, and reenter through the positive pole. This travel is what creates the magnetic field.

A simple magnet, examined with sensors that reveal magnetic force, shows the flux lines flowing around the magnet. But the top and bottom surface of the magnet itself is largely inert, devoid of energy.

A better design would produce magnetic flow across this dead space, instead of only around the edges.

To increase the surface activity, many approaches have been developed: several individual magnets in strips, concentric circles, a checkerboard pattern. Each of these designs multiplied the number of positive and negative poles, to create more lines of force crossing the surface.

But only one design can extend the magnetic field in every direction — to maximize the number of poles and angles for energy flow.

And by producing each segment as an equilateral triangle, with equal-length sides and equal angles, the magnetic field is perfectly uniform over the entire surface.

Maximum energy, perfect consistency.  This is EQL Magnetic Technology. It is patented, and only Nikken can offer it.

EQL Magnetic Technology advantages:

  • Consistent magnetic coverage over entire surface
  • Maximizes polarity and angles in every direction

Nikken products wth EQL Magnetic Technology:

  • Magsteps® insoles